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Carlisle Cumbria


With a holiday or short break in Carlisle, you can relive the history and heritage of a 2000 year city, indulge in some serious shopping then relax in accommodation of the highest quality. Close by, in Hadrian’s Wall Country and Carlisle’s northern borderlands you can marvel at the legacy of a once mighty Empire, relive the exploits of the Border Reivers… then refresh yourself in the beauty of our countryside.

The Borderlands


Today, it is hard to imagine that the peaceful countryside to the north of Hadrian’s Wall was a lawless place beset by bloody battles between Romans and barbarians and violent feuds amongst warring families known as the Border Reivers. It became known as ‘the Debatable Lands’ and the remains of Roman outposts and Reivers’ fortified strongholds bear witness to these troubled times.

Hadrians Wall


It was Agricola, Britain’s first Roman Governor who decreed to tame the "wild barbarians" in the North. When Hadrian arrived in AD122, the barbarians were still at large thus to defend his empire’s boundaries, he ordered the building of a mighty barrier stretching from the Solway Firth in the West to the North Sea in the East - now one of the most important designated World Heritage Sites in existence.

Solway Firth


Travelling along the west coast takes you through many historic towns and villages. The Solway Coast is renowned for spectacular sunsets and provides a haven of peace for you to enjoy. It is of international importance for bird life and rare plants and its vast array of different habitats provide homes for many animals.